The Synaxarion (Vol. V, May, Jun.)

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By: Hieromonk Makarios of Simonos Petra, Mt. Athos
Published by: Sebastian Press for USA and Canada, Indikos and Holy Convent of The Annunciation of Our Lady, Ormylia (Chalkidike), Greece

The Synaxarion: The Lives Of The Saints Of The Orthodox Church, consists of 7 hardcover volumes, each one covering two months of the liturgical calendar and with over 550 pages in each volume, illustrated with numerous icons, miniatures, and ornaments from Byzantine manuscripts.

Volume V: May, June
Translated from French by: Mother Maria (Rule) and Mother Joanna (Burton)
Language: English
Number of pages: 690, hardbound
Number of color reproductions: 8
ISBN: 960-518-247-5
Published: 2005

For USA and Canada, exclusively available from Sebastian Press! PURCHASE ALL 7 VOLUMES AT A DISCOUNT!


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