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Established in 2006, by the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Western America, and named in honor of a first American born Orthodox priest, Fr. Sebastian Dabovich, a great missionary and pioneer of the Orthodox Church in the West, and now a Saint, Sebastian Press is one of the prevalent and most dynamic publishers of Christian Orthodox publications on the West Coast and in the USA. It has enriched Christian literature in the English language during the last few years with almost 100 titles in print from many of the best living Orthodox writers, with its valuable translations of the interesting and resourceful works of Serbian, Greek, and other theologians to English.

Sebastian Press is building its reputation for promoting high quality theological, historical, ecclesiastical, spiritual, scriptural, hagiographical, philosophical, patristic, pastoral, ecumenical and iconographical writings in its repertoire. Besides being available in the traditional format, books are also available electronically, on the Kindle, iBook and other book readers.

Our hard working staff seeks to fruitfully enrich and deepen the faith of Christians from all over the world with a variety of titles, embracing a diversity of Orthodox Traditions, and publishing significant works by St. Bishop Nikolaj of Zicha, St. Justin of Celije, John Zizioulas, Aimilianos of Simonopetra, Stamatis Skliris, Vasilios Gondikakis, Atanasije Jevtic, Christos Yannaras, Nicholas Constas, etc.) There are many indications that in North America there is a real theological flourishing that surpasses other geographic areas.

The primary mission of Sebastian Press is to motivate and inspire its readers to seek a deeper communion with the God-Man, through the written word of Orthodox Christian material, both on the scholarly and popular level. Additionally, it is planned to publish works for young people who have an insatiable thirst for the truth, but it is up to us to discover the path toward them. Now Sebastian Press offers the first high-quality full-color Orthodox books for children. Through a partnership with Interklima, Indiktos, and Simonopetra Monastery, Sebastian Press became the primary distributor of the Orthodox hagiographical books.

With the publishing endeavor of the Sebastian Press, Orthodox theology becomes accessible in a global sense—we receive orders from throughout America, Canada, Australia, Europe and even Asia. Due to growing demand, during the 2014 and beyond, Sebastian Press expanded beyond its original publishing goals, giving special attention to the publishing of new titles for children, teens, and families, including video and audio programs, icon and candle production, greeting cards, calendars, and canvas reproductions. Icons, gifts, liturgical items, music, greeting cards, and jewelry were added to its offerings.

In the words of Archbishop Demetrios, “With the publications of “Sebastian Press” not only the American but the entire Anglophone world is enriched with the written works of Orthodox theologians, abolishing the boundaries and distances of space and time.” Now, the Anglophone world becomes more familiarized with the theological thought of our theologians and churchmen as well as with a theological Tradition of which they have more or less heard, and now they can approach more closely. The English language with this spiritual labor of theological translations gains a new ethos of terminology, achieves gracefulness and chromaticity, and with that, of course, a spiritual richness which it did not previously possess.

Sebastian Press is located in Los Angeles, at the headquarters of the Western Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church and it is registered as a subordinate ministry of Western American Diocese.