Wholesale and Church Accounts

Wholesale accounts are available to churches, church bookstores, non-profit organizations, and resellers. Please review the information below and our Terms of  Service before applying.

Wholesale Pricing

Our base rate of discount is 40%. (For the first time vendors starting discount is 30%). Certain items, such as gift sets and items that are already offered at discounted prices, have smaller discounts. We offer several starter kits at heavily reduced prices so that you can open your bookstore with a minimum investment.

  • Books published by Sebastian Press 40%
  • Books published by other publishers 25%
  • Icons: 30% discount
  • Quick Ship (Canvas printed) Icons: 10% Discount
  • Incense: 30% discount
  • Incense Accessors, Burners, Charcoal: 30% discount
  • Incense Kits: 25% discount
  • Devotional Items, Gifts: 25% discount


We prefer that wholesale customers use our normal checkout process. This streamlines the process and makes things easier for everyone. That said, we are open to discussing payment terms if your church or organization needs them.

We recognize that in some circumstances some stores, churches, and organizations may require two signatures which can delay your payment. We can work with the specific needs of your organization.

We ask that your business has a physical address, phone number and prefer and email.

Custom & Volume Orders

Don't see something you need? Please email us! Would you like volume of books or icons for your event such as a church camp or retreat? We will do our best to help you.

How to Apply

Before applying for wholesale status, please make sure you have a Sebastian Press user account in the name of your church or organization for use with wholesale orders. You will need to sign in to your wholesale account to make wholesale purchases. Tax ID is required for this step. 

If you do not have a Sebastian Press user account yet, please click here to create one. 

After you have created a user account for your church or organization, please email us at  to gain wholesale status for your account.

If you need any assistance or have questions please email