Time is a Fragment of Eternity (Ὁ χρόνος εἶναι ἕνα κομμάτι ἀπὸ τὴν αἰωνιότητα -- Време је исечак вечности)

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By: Abba Justin / Αββάς Ιουστίνος / Ава Јустин

This book, representing a fragment of time in space in pictures and words, is photographic testimony of the graceful presence of this heavenly man among his contemporaries, and is our contribution to the veneration of Abba Justin as a Christ-like and Spirit-bearing person. The author of numerous volumes which are some of the most important books in the field of theology, is depicted here in images and photos. About a hundred photographs of Abba Justin taken during the 1970’s. These enable both his contemporaries and future generations to see and reflect on his bright image and likeness to Christ as well as on his God-loving words. The photographs are accompanied with Saint Justin’ profound words of wisdom written in Serbian, Greek and English languages.

Language: English, Greek, Serbian
Number of color reproductions: 14

ISBN: 978-86-82685-36-4
Number of pages: 135
Published: 2014, hardcover


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