"African Child"

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"African Child", acrylic on canvas, 2021

By Bishop Maxim

Among the traditional characteristics of African children are (a) the early maturity in self-discipline, (b) the aspiration for education, (c) respect for traditional values, (d) early search for identity, and (e) a wholesome spirit of cooperation and dependence on one another.

In his “Four Studies of the Head of a Black Man” Peter Paul Rubens explored a variety of facial expressions and poses of a black person. Using a single dim source of light, he created strong contrasts of brightness and shadow on the man's skin, varying these along with the different expressions.
We invite you to participate in another almsgiving opportunity since all proceeds go to Diocesan charity program. With any painting purchase you will receive a formal acknowledgement letter to claim tax deduction. Your generosity will make a lasting impact on peoples in need.

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