Man and the God-Man

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By: Fr. Justin Popovich

Father Justin Popovich is a pan-Orthodox witness to the God-revealed and Christ-given Eternal Truth, whose testimony can be even seen within this collection of his articles – that the mystery of Truth is not in material things, not in ideas, not in symbols, but in Personhood, namely the Theanthropic Person of the Lord Christ. The treasure to be found in this anthology of neopatristic syntheses consists of various studies, essays, and articles: “Perfect God and perfect man”; “The God-man” – The foundation of the Truth of Orthodoxy; “The Supreme Value and Infallible Criterion”; “Sentenced to Immortality”; “Humanistic and Theanthropic Culture”; “Humanistic and Theanthropic Education”; “The Theory of Knowledge of Saint Isaac the Syrian”, including “A Deer in a Lost Paradise” – Ava’s renowned poetic essay, a confession, and deepest longing for all-sweetest Jesus.

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Language: English
Number of pages: 144, softbound 
ISBN: 978-0-971-9505-5-9
Published: 2009