Biography of Bishop Mardarije - Životopis Vladike Mardarija

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Author: Dragoslav Dragutinovic

The Holy Assembly of Hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church during its regular session on May 29, 2015, added the name of Bishop Mardarije (Uskoković) of Libertyville to the Dyptich of Saints (Calendar of Saints) of the Orthodox Church. The author of this biography guides us through the life of this clergyman and preacher of the Gospel, God- pleasing servant of holy life, and inspirer of many missionaries. Born in Montenegro, tonsured in Studenica Monastery, Serbia, educated in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and elsewhere in the Russian Empire, called and placed to work in the Church and with the people in the diaspora in North America, Mardarije was manifested as a man of an en- tirely unusual spiritual format. His truly missionary work extended from the very end of Eastern Europe in distant Russia to the very western end of even more distant America.

Language: Serbian
Number of pages: 184, softbound
ISBN: 978-86-82685-51-7 
Published: 2017