Mar 12th 2024

The Journal of the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology & Religion

The journal, Synergeia is published by the Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology, and Religion (OCAMPR). It publishes noteworthy articles and publications from the proceedings of the annual OCAMPR conference as well as submitted manuscripts.

From academic and clinical research to important plenaries to probing reflections on the work of faith and healing, many kinds of articles are offered. Each plays an important role in the publication. Although an effort to improve the form of the articles in terms of a standardized style and strong content, it appears to the editorial board that there are two general kinds of article submissions. One is more academic, theoretical, theological, and clinical research-based, and the other, are others includes submissions that come from the proceedings and the varied reports just mentioned. The latter of this group are highly stimulating and interesting, and frankly, usually draw the most interest from the OCAMPR readership. We have decided to try to do both.

Its name, Synergeia is a powerful representation and description is central to the Orthodox practice of the working of faith between efforts by both God and His adherents. This name is not new to OCAMPR publications. In the early 2000s, the name was used for conference writings. The Holy Trinity is the ultimate expression of synergy and exemplifies the Trinitarian doctrine and practice that Orthodox Christians aspire to in the practice of their faith. We also hope to work together in this spirit at OCAMPR.