Compliance and Resistance: Discerning the Spirit

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Editors: Philip Mamalakis, James Burg, and Halina Woroncow 

This volume contains a collection of peer-reviewed manuscripts of the plenary, workshop, and paper presentations from our 2018 gathering at the Ukrainian Orthodox Cultural Center in Somerset, New Jersey. The theme of the conference and the title of this publication is “Compliance and Resistance: Discerning the Spirit.”

As professionals, we are challenged to discern when a patient, client, or penitent refuses to comply with our recommendations. Each of us has experienced that tension between respecting the freedom and choice of a patient or penitent and knowing, sometimes very clearly, what is best for healing. Responding to non-compliance, as it is called, requires discernment on the part of the care provider.
The conference presentations reflect the expertise and scholarship of our members. This scholarship includes traditional academic scholarship as well as scholarship related to years of clinical and pastoral encounters and even poetry.

Language: English
Number of pages: 176, softbound
ISBN: 978-1-936773-56-5
Published: 2019