Interstellar Reflections: The Little Prince and the Fox

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"Interstellar Reflections: The Little Prince and the Fox", acrylic on board, Bishop Maxim, 2023

This captivating artwork, rendered in acrylic on a wooden board, beautifully captures the spirit of Saint-Exupéry's "The Little Prince." At its core, it presents a unique dual portrayal of the Little Prince and his loyal fox companion. One pair gazes outwards towards us, while the other resides on their own tiny planet, their reflections echoing this cosmic connection. This ingenious composition hints at an undying dialogue, an unending exchange between different dimensions of existence.
The celestial backdrop sets the stage for a serene cosmic ballet, with a multitude of celestial bodies contributing to the tranquil yet profound ambiance. Amidst this celestial journey, a revelation dawns upon us—the viewers—we are the cherished rose in the heart of the Little Prince, an integral part of this enchanting narrative.

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