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"Majesty", acrylic on canvas, 28x22 inch, Bishop Maxim, 2022

With imaginative observation and creative freedom of expression in painting, the artist stands in earnest awe before the Queen, awaiting permission to speak, contemplating within: "I do not see in your person merely a woman of such longevity, rather one of a venerable multitude of years of devoted and steadfast service, who deserves our respect in not daring to touch sensitivity of Majesty within."

In the portrait, one can see the elements of an elusive royal persona, whose eyes reveal a sense of humor and joy. She possesses a silent firmness, a subtle authoritarianism, yet the caring guise of a likable grandmother. She ruled wisely and efficiently, commanding respect, without a demanding power complex.

The eyes are alert. The left eye (right eye for the person in the painting) is interested, surprised, and warm in a reserved interior way. At the same time, the right eye (left for the person) is more objective but also actively attentive to what she is observing. Together they convey a confident presence that is solidly within and capable of observing with interest, intelligence, and feeling, who and what she is observing without losing her awareness of doing so. That graceful self-possession is a necessary quality of "majesty."

And finally, purple water flows through the outer border like a thin azure stream of radiance, surrounded with a fiery red border reflecting the brilliance of her diamond tiara that crowns her being.