Notes On Ecumenism

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By: St. Abba Justin Popovich 
Edited by Bishop Athanasius Yevtich
Translated from Serbian by: Aleksandra Stojanovich, and proofread by Fr Miroljub Ruzich Abba

Justin’s manuscript legacy includes a parcel of sheets/small sheets of paper (in the ¼ A4 size) with the notes on ecumenism. It is easy to perceive that Father Justin while criticizing western type of ecumenism rejects neither the very notion of ecumenism nor the term itself, but rather renders it orthodox, churchifies, christifies, theohumanizes it, and instead of false, bare humanistic [ecumenism], puts forward Orthodox, evangelical, Theanthropic Ecumenism, wherein Christ in the Church, and in the Unity and Catholicity (sobornost) of the Orthodox Church, is in the center of all and everything.
The editor of the book presents the Notes authentically, as they are found in the manuscripts. The real Justin is present in these Notes: by his original language, style, literature, polemics, philosophy, theology, and above all by his confession of the God-man Christ and His Church.

Language: English
Number of pages: 55, softbound
Number of color reproductions: 4
ISBN: 978-1-936773-12-1
Published: 2013