Over the Highest Mountain

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Author: Bishop Grigorije/Vladika Grigorije
Translated by: Teodora Simic

"Wherever the road may take you on your journey through that region, you would be most unlikely to see anybody at all, no matter nationality or creed. While highly unlikely, it is equally possible you might run into someone taking the same road. If you do, no matter their sunburnt faces, or tall and lanky build- common characteristics they all share- and no matter their faith, their eyes will leave you spellbound.
If you care to look long enough, you will notice they brim with deep sorrow and pain that no one has tried to help and soothe and heal". A singular, melancholic collection of stories, Over the Highest Mountain, written by Grigorije Duric, Bishop of Frankfurt and All Germany (formerly Bishop of Herzegovina), ranks him among the most gifted among Bosnia writers.
The author's extraordinary voice rises above people's divisiveness by stepping beyond the restraining and unyielding threshold of home, religion, and nation, and with his prose assures us that he takes to heart the words of Andric that the highest and most challenging mountain to cross is the threshold of one's home.

Language: English
Number of pages: 168, softbound


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