Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Answers and… People

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Author: Rev. Vasileios Thermos
Publisher: En Plo Editions
Translated from the Greek by Vasileios Tsangalos

Issues connected with sexual orientation and gender identity raise questions for traditional Christian attitudes (and not least Orthodox attitudes) to what it means to be human, for which Scripture and Tradition provide little guidance. Panic ensues and extreme attitudes are adopted without careful consideration of any kind of fact or evidence. In this book, Father Vasileios brings his practical experience as a psychiatrist and his pastoral experience as a priest to bear on these issues. No one can fail to learn from reading this timely book. A wonderfully accessible, clear, informative, balanced, and profound discussion from a Greek Orthodox priest, theologian, and psychotherapist with decades of pastoral and clinical experience addressing directly the issues of sexuality and gender that touch us all today. This book contains words of wisdom and insight that can help guide us through complex issues.

Language: English
Number of pages: 80, softbound
ISBN: 978-960-619-043-8
Published: 2019