Svetlost sveta + Razliciti predeli Neba - set

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By: Kristian Boben

Read this book (in Serbian: This exquisite and moving book in a very eloquent way brings the reader subtly and magically into the very heart of saints’ love for the world. LA LUMIÈRE DU MONDE: Paroles réveillées et recueillies par Lydie Dattas, Editions Gallimard, Paris, 2001) and you will understand the importance of paying humble attention to humble things. Christian Bobin is the author of numerous books in French, several of them bestsellers, and he is the winner of Frances’ Grand Prix Catholique de littérature.
Christian Bobin’s work makes a path between poetry and meditation. He is the author of numerous books in French and is the winner of Frances' Grand Prix Catholique de littérature. The different region of the sky is a collection composed of three texts, or contemplative sketches: The Other Face, Christ with Poppies and The Distance from the World, in which the author reflects on man, solitude, companionship, and grace. These meditations are written as one keeps a journal slowly filling it with light, with a lot of light. In an era of increasingly cynical, mediatized or sensationalistic literature, the voice is a quiet plea for sanity, simplicity, and a return to the source.

Language: Serbian
Number of pages: 125, softbound
ISBN: 978-86-82685-42-5
Published: 2016