"Thanksgiving Basket"

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"Thanksgiving Basket", acrylic on canvas, 2022

Painting size 11 inch x 14 inch

This beautiful painting is sold framed, and is perfect as a Thanksgiving gift. 


Bishop Maxim presently sets before us his unique, lavishly festal, Thanksgiving Basket. In verity, this bold, colorful bouquet of fragrant appreciation is an embellished presentation of such delectable resplendence - les fruits de la terre, for which humanity offers gratitude to the Creator of all and in all.

Vested in its glory and splendor, beyond Solomonic riches, this plentiful harvest offering of such radiant flora and sumptuous, edible delights is a metaphysical rendition of plenty offered through the free and laden strokes of the artist’s brush, vivifying the magnificent bounties of the earth.

Through our anointed senses of inviting sight and, in anticipation, tantalizing smell, gratifying touch, flavorful taste and the sounds of satisfaction, we come to comprehend how our Lord has truly sealed creation with His beauty and goodness, for which we now offer thanksgiving and worship.