The Crucified King: Glory in Suffering’s Embrace

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"The Crucified King: Glory in Suffering’s Embrace", acrylic on gesso board, Bishop Maxim, 2024
Behold the paradox of divine glory manifest in humility and sacrifice.  Calling Him our Bridegroom is deeply meaningful. He is the most innocent, wrongfully condemned, and humiliated, yet He is the creator of all, the essence of self-existence and love. Beyond any connection to evil, He sets the natural laws. Thus, the trial of Jesus becomes a stark mockery of justice. This icon, showing the Lawgiver as a prisoner, highlights profound irony and a tragic flip of fate, affirming Bishop Maxim's revolutionary artistic approach. It turns lines and colors into a revolt, crafting an iconic beauty milestone. “We honor Your Sufferings, Christ, marveling at Your Love’s profound inversion, Bridegroom. Oh, Supreme, You are our astounding, GREAT LOVE”!!!