The Festive Fast

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By: Marigoula Kokkinou and Georgia Kofinas

A guide to olive oil and vegetarian cuisine

More than just a cookbook, The Festive Fast serves as a guide to olive oil and vegetarian cuisine based on the dietary guidelines of the Eastern Orthodox liturgical fasts. The 389 recipes focus on both traditional and creative Mediterranean cuisine, offering healthy food choices without meat and dairy products. Together with quotes from the Church Fathers, this book offers a means to maintain a balance between body and soul. The recipes in this book can be used for sit-down meals, buffets, cocktails, dinners, tea parties, or coffee hours. There are certain ingredients which should be kept on hand which are basic to lenten and vegetarian cuisines. The Festive Fast is a precious guide to balanced nourishment, facilitating the ascetical effort of fasting and the adoption of a proper lifestyle. Its authors have treasured the experience of people and offered rich proposals for inspiration and culinary creativity.

Language: English
Number of pages: 262
Number of color reproductions: 37
Published: 2015