The Meaning of Reality: Essays on Existence and Communion, Eros and History

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By: Christos Yannaras 

This collection of articles traces the thought of Christos Yannaras through his long journey in discovering the meaning of existence, communion, and history. No fewer than twenty articles of passionate significance and substance have at present been gathered together in this volume. Yannaras’ principal resource for unveiling the meaning of existence and communion is the Trinitarian God as the causal principle of existential freedom. Insistence on the primacy, uniqueness, and eternal value of human personality prevails in almost all his works and inspires his own vigorous theological and ecumenical engagement based on the Orthodox Eucharistic and ascetic tradition. Professor Yannaras – extracting “Orthodox” from its currently fashionable academic and ideological context – points out that Orthodoxy must find a way to reach the particular form of society, which has become entrenched in a culture of individualism.

Our faith in the Church’s call to transcend and transform our natural limitations is essential for our path to salvation. This is exactly the point to which Yannaras tries to lead us – and we are grateful to him for this – through his inexorably personal search for the meaning of existence, communion, eros, and history.

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Language: English
Number of pages: 202, softbound
Published: 2011