"The Saint of the City—Metropolitan Germanos of Theodoroupolis

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"The Saint of the City—Metropolitan Germanos of Theodoroupolis", acrylic and pastel on canvas, Bishop Maxim, 2023

In a simple way, the face of Bishop Germanos shines a benevolent expression of love towards God and creation. On the one hand, it goes towards the great God and, on the other, towards His little tiny creatures to whom He gives something of His greatness. The work’s success is that it doesn’t scream joy and love but lives them without being tight-lipped. This charisma adorns the author’s character in this painting and is genuinely and spontaneously expressed in his work.

This masterpiece shows that the new language that Orthodoxy should speak has already been found by a few and is being spoken. This work announces a bright future for our Iconography. The author should take his steps without fear. We will not be the ones to make the “big bang,” but God sends us as forerunners to foreshadow the ways of the Lord.