Theological Disambiguations: An Unconventional Handbook of Orthodox Theology

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By: Fr. Vladan Perisic
Foreword by: Fr John Behr

The eighteen essays collected here treat diverse topics, from academic theology (and its place in the Church) to questions of life and death, from historically oriented studies, on Sts. Ignatius and Gregory Palamas, to contemporary issues, such as human rights and ecology. While treating diverse topics, there is nevertheless an underlying unifying approach, one that is captured well by the arresting title of this book: Theological Disambiguations. This “unconventional handbook” has much to offer, as we begin to learn again how to speak true theology. Fr Vladan’s work is well known in Serbia, and in broader academic and ecumenical circles. But it can now receive the much wider readership that it deserves, and, as a collected volume, its scope, coherence, and significance is sure to receive the recognition it deserves.

Language: English
Number of pages: 340
ISBN: 978-1-936773-03-9
Published: 2012