After Secularization: Religious Faith in Modern Europe, Russia, and Asia

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Author: Stephen C. Headley

After Secularization deals with the current place of religion in four regions: Russia, Indonesia (Java), India, and Western Europe. What factors allow religions a renewed expression of faiths in these cultures once the exported versions of the humanism of the Enlightenment and the humanism of post-modernity have failed to provide a strong hierarchy of values, a transcendence needed to hold society together? A humanism that seeks to isolate the individual from the imagined threats of collective religious belief convinces fewer and fewer people since the promised progress that was supposed to protect our planet is in fact putting it in peril. In Christian revelation, we respond with a faith that accepts our vulnerability as inner honesty and it provides us with the courage to overcome all the deaths that Christ faced down on the cross. The sacrifice of the Son of God makes a new sense of life on earth for those who have been discouraged by the failures of secularization. The icon on the cover of this volume  entitled “Weep not my Mother” is one expression of the meaningfulness of the sacrifice that redeems the despair of fallen lives.

Language: English
Published: 2020

Number of pages: 256