Faith as an Ecclesial Experience

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By: Christos Yannaras 

In Faith as an Ecclesial Experience, Christos Yannaras introduces the Western mind to some of the distinctive features of the Orthodox tradition. Not only does he review classical theological questions, but he also analyzes the differences between the Orthodox mind and Western ways of thinking. The outcome is a clearer understanding of both Orthodox and Western theology. This book encapsulates the full range of Yannaras’ best work in a lucid and accessible form.

This book is not an “apology” for Christian faith, nor does it aim to convert the reader to its views. It does not seek to convince anyone of its positions, nor to dissuade any hypothetical opponents. It has just one ambition: to distinguish what the Christian faith is from what the Christian faith is not. That is, to clear up as much as it can the confusion which seems to exist today in our consciousness relative to the truth of the Christian Church and to purify this truth from the blend of alien and foreign ingredients which tend to substitute themselves for it.

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Language: English
Number of pages: 132
ISBN: 978-1-936773-70-1
Published: 2020