Alyina Vorobeyeva's Confession

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 Author: Dragan Mijailovic

The chief female character of the book goes through both physical and emotional pain, living the loneliness as a disease of our age. Alyina’s Confessions show us that life presents us with surprises and places us in situations that not even the best lm director could think up. Тhe Confessions are presenting readers with questions of romantic and parental love, how love empowers, excites, and bonds. Alyina realizes that her sin is result of her weakness and at this point the reader begins to sympathize with her. Marko understood and loved Alyina, with all her imperfections. He knew she was extraordinary, and that in the end, they would always be together. e book also points out that we are loved by God and therefore we exist: God knows our inner struggles, but because He made each one of us special He will never leave us.

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Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-936773-36-7
Number of pages: 200, softbound