Λόγος - τρόπος - τέλος: Σπουδή στη σκέψη του Αγίου Μαξίμου του Ομολογητού (Logos-Tropos-Telos: Study in the Thought of St Maximus the Confessor

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By: Dionysios Skliris 

According to Dionysios Skliris, St Maximus sees history as a space of ontological dialogue between God and man, where God proposes reasons (λόγους) for how He wants nature to be in the future, and man responds in historical ways—thruough the modifications of his nature in view of the eschatological end (τέλος) or the purpose of history where nature will be true through the synergy of God and man. The “place” of this dialogue is par excellence the Christ who gathers in His Person the words (λόγους) of God, but also His new surprising responses to human historical modifications.

Dionysios Skliris received a doctorate in the thought of St. Maximus the Confessor from the University Paris IV- Sorbonne. He studied classics and theology at the University of Athens and completed a Master’s degree in Late Antique Philosophy and Byzantine History at the University of London (King’s College) as well as a Master’s degree in Byzantine Literature at the University of Paris (Sorbonne – Paris IV).

Language: Greek
Number of pages: 152 pages, Softbound
Published: 2018

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