Eastern Christianity and Its Theoretical Foundation

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This study, titled Eastern Christianity and its Theoretical Foundations, explores how Eastern Christianity, with Byzantium as its pivotal force, established its uniqueness through certain theological themes interwined with philosophy and science. The authors, Christos Ath. Terezis and Lydia Chr. Petridou, concentrate on an era in theological and philosophical hystory that could be described as a time of synthetic achivements, particularly the Byzantine period. During this era, Christianity engaged in a multifaceted dialogue with various streams and Ancient Greek philosophy, predominantly Platonism, Aristotelianism, and Neoplatonism. The first two chapters discuss divine transcendence, the third delves into divine creativity, and the fourth examines these metaphysical states through the lenses of epistemology and formal logic. This thematic structure aligns with the fundamental belief of Eastern Christianity that ontology-encompassing both metaphysics and physics - shapes and informes epistemology. 

Language: English
Number of pages:219
Published: 2024, softcover