Commentary on the Epistles of St. John the Theologian

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By: Fr. Justin Popovich
Translated by: Radomir M. Plavsic

This Commentary on the Epistles (First, Second, and Third) of St. John the Theologian was written by the tireless Messenger of Christ forty years ago, in circumstances similar to those in which Christ’s Holy Evangelist John wrote his sacred Epistles. Fr. Justin finishes his commentary on the Second Epistle of St. John with words dedicated to the same Apostle and Evangelist: “He is simultaneously the greatest Thunderer of New Testament Truth and the greatest Thunderer of New Testament Love…
Upon encountering him, such an extraordinary Apostle, people’s souls must have felt exceptional joy and exceptional elation.” We believe and hope that, through this encounter, the reader of these holy Epistles and this inspired commentary will experience something of this love.

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Language: English
Number of pages: 94, softbound

ISBN: 978-0-971-9505-6-6
Published: 2009