To Christ and the Church: The Divine Eucharist as the All-Encompassing Mystery of the Church

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By: Nenad Milosevic

Through his methodical study of the sources (including a considerable number of liturgical manuscripts and texts and a wide range of patristic and other ecclesiastical writings), his careful analysis of the historical evidence, and his judicious interpretation of the liturgical data, Professor Milosevic provides his readers with facts and insights to help them broaden their knowledge, deepen their understanding, and heighten their appreciation of the sacramental life of the Church centered – as the title of his work suggests – on the Divine Liturgy, the sacred rite by which the Orthodox Church celebrates the mystery or sacrament of the holy Eucharist.
Indeed, in the mind, ethos, and practice of the Church, as Professor Milosevic demonstrates with great clarity, the Eucharist was never counted simply as one sacrament among many but as the very source and summit of the Church’s life, constitutive of her very being and the essential condition for her growth.
To Christ and the Church will become an important manual for the study of the sacraments and their liturgical rites by pastors, seminarians, catechists, and interested lay people.

Language: English
Number of pages: 240
ISBN: 978-1-9367730-5-3
Published: 2011