Saint Luke of Crimea and Albert Schweitzer

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By: George Papageorgiou

Bringing Together Two Great Men

Saint Luke and Albert Schweitzer are two great figures who marked the 20thcentury with their presence. One of them exposed himself to illnesses and had a hard life working in the tropics, while th other worked in the freezing cold of Siberia, facing endless exiles and prison due to a totally atheistic regime. They both practiced medicine without anything to gain, either using modern means whenever possible, or using basic and quite primitive means whenever it was necessary. The combination of their Christian faith and medical knowledge revealed another form of love for people through their work. Although they belong to different worlds, they are united by the love they had for less fortunate people and by their eagerness to help others in need.

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Language: English
Number of pages: 276, softbound
Published: 2017