The Hagia Sophia: The Mystical Light of the Great Church and its Architectural Dress

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By: Charalambos P. Stathakis 

The author takes the reader on a secret underground trail, which leads through the crystal smile of the sun, Constantinoples’ underground galleries, to the doorstep of the Hagia Sophia. The book comes from a non-specialist and therefore it helps us non-specialists to comprehend the Church, which may be simple in the experience it conveys, but not in its structure and its structural solutions. It is revealed to us gradually by the mystagogical text and the accompanying illustrations. In this way, the reader will experience the blessed originality of the author in interpreting architecture and space through light. If we follow humbly, with asceticism and obedience, the revelation granted to us by Charalambos Stathakis, a relentlessly personal seer, we will receive a vision of the Great Church, not simply as a resplendent building, but as a living Entity with characters of a Person.

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Language: English
Number of pages: 214, softbound
ISBN: 978-1-936773-02-2
Published: 2011