The Ministry of the Circle of Serbian Sisters

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Edited by: Bishop Maxim
Illustrated by: Fr. Stamatis Skliris

This beautifully illustrated brochure gives a history of the contributions of the , throughout our Western American Diocese and describes the important ministry of the Diocesan “Kolo Srpskih Sestara” in the life of our Church. The contribution made by the women’s organizations to our Church life on both the local and national level was enormous. Serbian Sisters’ Circles (Serbian: Kolo Srpskih Sestara) were often founded before parishes and church-school congregations. The book presents the principle goals of the KSS, and through the two theological texts, depicts the role of the KSS as the followers of the holy Myrrh bearers, led by the Most Holy Mother of God, as an undoubtedly an integral part of the Holy Tradition of all of Christianity.

Language: English
Number of pages: 24
Published: 2015