The Most Important Question

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By: Fr. Stephen Muse
Published by: Sebastian Press

In the graceful encounter of theology and psychology, Fr. Stephen Muse guides us, weaving through his personal narrative, an opus of Orthodox tradition. His testimony witnesses of Christ’s glory, attests to the luminous lives of the saints, echoed through the centuries. In rhapsodic chapters, Fr. Stephen pours out his soul, searching for Christ amidst the static of our postmodern culture. His sentences flow like a river, coursing through the narrative, from one Christological feast to another, from the Nativity and Epiphany’s hidden revelations, through the crucible of Gethsemane and the Cross, to the Resurrection’s surprising dawn, as he accompanies the Myrrh Bearing women and other witnesses of the Church. Fr. Stephen implores us to approach Christ with questions, akin to Luke and Cleopas on their journey to Emmaus, seeking answers not in stark revelation, but in the shared meal’s eucharistic reciprocity of love.

VIDEO: Fr. Stephen Muse on his book, a collection of essays titled "The Most Important Question."

Language: English
Number of pages: 237
Published: 2024, softcover