God Views Us Through Love

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By: Ignatije (Midic) Bishop of Branicevo-Pozarevac

The present volume collects essays and articles written by Bishop Ignatije on man within history and within the Church; on the roots of the Church according to Saint Maximus the Confessor; on how God views us through love; about a call to rediscover our true self in our neighbor; on reconciliation in society and policy; on iconizing that which is to come seen in the Iconography of Stamatis Skliris.
Characteristics of Ignatije’s theological synthesis are found especially in these areas: Christology, ecclesiology and anthropology. For Bishop Ignatije, spirituality in Christian understanding does not mean a merely individual fulfillment of God’s commandments, but a life based on the fellowship in the Church, which is the community of freedom and love. The ecclesial way of life is manifested as liturgical community, which involves the eschatological dimension of the existence in this world.

Language: English
Number of pages: 112
ISBN: 978-1-936773-15-2
Published: 2014