God's Doorknocker

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By: Fr. Stephen Muse
Illustrated by: Jelena Jeftic 

A whisper was heard in heaven, “We need a doorknocker!” What could this mean? It was a mystery hidden from all eternity, unknown even to the Angels, but Isaiah, the youngest of all the Seraphim, began to wonder…

The Gospel and Divine Liturgy are presented faithfully in a fresh and imaginative way through the eyes of an angel and the love of a mother and daughter, who share a bedtime story together.

Language: English
Number of pages: 27
ISBN: 978-1-936773-89-3
Published: 2023


Fr. Stephen Muse is a bi-vocational priest, serving Holy Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Mission Church in Columbus, Georgia and as a pastoral psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist at the Pastoral Institute, Inc. where he directs Clergy-in-Kairos, a week-long intensive therapy and renewal program for clergy (and their spouses). He served as Director of Pastoral Counselor Training for 20 years and supervised and trained military chaplains, working extensively with persons and families dealing with combat trauma and related difficulties. He is a Board-Certified Chaplain, CPE Supervisor and Diplomate in Trauma and Complex PTSD. He holds joint appointments as clinical Professor in the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science and Bioethics and Medical Humanities at Mercer University Medical School and is a faculty member of the St. Francis–Emory Healthcare Psychiatry Medical Residency program. He and his wife Presvytera Ioanna have 4 children, 5 grandchildren, 12 god children and have made their home in Columbus, Georgia since 1992. He writes an occasional blog that can be found on the Church website at: Various talks may be found on Ancient Faith radio at fr_dn_stephen_muse Children’s fiction books include • Isha’s Voice, 2019 [Greek Edition, 2018)] • Be Yourself: Amim’s Great Discovery, 2017 [Greek Edition, 2016] • The Peddler and the Disenchanted Mirror, 2016 [Greek Edition, 2015] Other works • Parenting in Repentance: Growing Together in Love, Gratefulness and Joy, 2021 • Words Into Spirit: Pastoral Resources for Confession. V. Thermos & S. Muse, eds., 2019 (Greek Edition, 2020; Romanian Edition, 2021] • Pain, Suffering & Resilience: Orthodox Perspectives, S. Muse, S, Berg, J. Woroncow, H. eds., 2018 • Treasure in Earthen Vessels: Prayer and Embodied Life, 2017 [Greek Edition, 2023] • Caregivers as Healers & Confessors, S. Muse, S. Berg, J. Woroncow, H., eds., 2016 • Being Bread, 2013, 2015 • When Hearts Become Flame: An Eastern Orthodox Approach to the διά-Λογος of Pastoral Counseling, 2011, 2015 [Greek Edition, 2014] • Raising Lazarus: Integral Healing in Orthodox Christianity, 2004 • Beside Still Waters: Restoring the Souls of Shepherds in the Market Place, 2000