The Forgotten Mystery: The Ecclesial Consequences of Holy Chrismation

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By: Fr. Vasileios Thermos

The understanding densely expressed in this book, which offers a distinctive, fresh, and helpful contribution to the discussion on Confirmation, is subsequently elaborated in several chapters in this volume. The magnitude of references from Sacred Scripture and from the Holy Fathers that the author found supporting this bond between Chrismation and ecclesial practice is amazing. The almost complete forgetfulness of Holy Chrismation, along with its detachment from the ancient Church practice when it was a bishop’s duty, led the priests to celebrate it in literally a few seconds and the lay fellows to ignore its inner power. We hope that the Holy Spirit guides the readers of this book in discovering the forgotten treasure that He implanted in their hearts, and develop it further in accomplishing their vocation in Christ

Language: English
Number of pages: 190
ISBN: 978-1-936773-27-5
Published: 2016