The Akathist to the Mother of God Los Angeles

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Translated from Greek by: Norman Russell

Celebrated on the Saturday of Bright Week

Every year on the Saturday of Bright Week, the Feast of Our Lady Queen of the Angels (Los Angeles) is celebrated, and the icon of the Mother of God, Protectress of Los Angeles, is venerated at the St. Steven’s Serbian Cathedral in Alhambra, Los Angeles. For that purpose, the Akathist to the Mother of God Los Angeles was composed on the Holy Mountain of Athos by Athanasios, hieromonk of Simonopetra, Hymnographer of the Holy Great Church of Christ, at the pious request of the Most Reverend Bishop of Western America Maxim 2013. This book contains the full service: vespers, liti, stichos, orthros, kanon, lauds, troparion, kontakion, etc.

Language: English
Number of pages:27
Number of color reproductions: 2
Published: 2015