Life According to the Gospel

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By Patriarch Paul

It is not easy to teach the Gospel. One of the few among our contemporaries who completely succeeded at overcoming those obstacles is His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Paul (+2009). We are happy for the opportunity that enabled us to have published some of Patriarch Pavle's sermons over an extended period of time first in Kosovo and Metohija (1983-1990), and later in Belgrade.
These sermons are dedicated equally to the faithful and to the unfaithful, to Serbs and non-Serbs During the most recent war Patriarch Paul did not forget even the enemies of Serbian people but was worried about their salvation; he prayed to the Lord to show them the way of truth, justice and peace. His role and voice are truly universal. The entire material is arranged chronologically; each sermon being dated and designated by the place and the occasion for it.

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Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-936773-33-6
Number of pages: 200, softbound
Publish: 2017

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