Seeds of Life

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By: Alisa Rakich Brooks
Illustrated by: R. E. Bursik

In book three of the “Genesis: His Word and His Works” series, Mila and Mama read from the book of Genesis about the third day of God’s creation. They talk about what scientists call the “Ring of Fire” and how it might reveal something about the processes the Lord put in place to create the Earth. Later, while enjoying an outing in the park, they dissect an acorn and Mila learns that an acorn is a seed containing all that is needed for the beginning of new life. This reminds her of “The Parable of the Sower”, and how, by nurturing the seed He plants in our hearts, we can become fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-936-773-572
Published: 2019
Number of pages: 24, softbound