History, Truth, Holiness: Studies in Ontology and Epistemology

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By: Maxim Vasiljevic, Bishop of Western America

Bishop Maxim’s first book, described by Fr. John Breck as an “exceptionally important collection of essays” contributing to both the theology of being and contemporary theological questions, is now available! The first half of the book collects papers emphasizing theological ontology and epistemology, reminding us how both the mystery of the Holy Trinity and that of the Incarnation demand that we rethink every philosophical supposition; it includes chapters on holiness as otherness, truth and history, and the biochemistry of freedom. The second half of the book features lectures dedicated to the theological questions posed by modern theology, including studies of Orthodox and Roman Catholic ecclesiology, liturgics, and the theology of icons. Fr. John McGuckin identifies his work as “deeply biblical and patristic, academically learned yet spiritually rich.”

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Language: English
Number of pages: 272 pages
ISBN: 978-1-936773-01-5
Published: 2011